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Back by popular demand! Dragon’s Dreamland reintroduces one of the hottest haunted attractions of 2020 in its newest home Dragon’s Dreamland just in time for the 2022 Haunt season! Traverse a Mile of Terror with your closest friends. Keep you arms and legs in the haunted trolley at all times to avoid being lured away by the insatiable creatures of the night.

Traverse a Mile of Terror with your closest friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to drive my own vehicle through the Mile of Terror?

The Mile of Terror drive-thru haunted experience will involve passengers entering our haunted trolley as we take you through the haunted attraction. The haunted trolleys allow our guests to enjoy the attraction at a great pace without having to think of the terrifying price of gas! 

Is smoking or vaping allowed in the attraction? 

We ask guests to refrain from smoking or vaping as this is a family-friendly attraction and the guests of our actors and guests are of the utmost importance to us. 

How long is the Mile of Terror


Will I be able to get off the trolley to get a closer look at the haunted attraction and actors?

 We ask that all passengers stay within the ride at all times and refrain from getting off to get a closer look. We know that its tempting but there is always the option of purchasing a ticket for a second round through!

What items are not allowed on the Mile of Terror?

 We ask guests to refrain from bringing the following items into the haunted house. 

– Flashlights, Cell Phones, Lighters, or Light-Creating Devices of any kind

*Pictures are not permitted inside the haunted attraction. Let’s not ruin the surprises for anyone else!