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Hold on to the nearest hand to avoid getting seperated in Dragon Dreamland’s Gateway to Terror. Under the night sky you will traverse through every twist and turn in this haunted maze. Don’t run at the sound of chainsaws! The monsters in the Gateway to Terror are known to chase as you try to find your way out to safety! Will you dare to enter? 

Will you dare to enter?

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Will the Gateway to Terror be a drive-thru or walk-thru?

The Gateway to Terror is a walk-thru attraction. 

Is food or drink allowed in the attraction? 

To ensure that no guests accidentally spill drinks on themselves or in the attraction when being scared, we ask all guests to refrain from bringing drinks or beverages into the attraction. 

Is smoking or vaping allowed in the attraction?

Due to fire risks and health risks, we ask guests to refrain from smoking or vaping as this is a family-friendly attraction and the guests of our actors and guests are of the utmost importance to us. 

Will the monsters chasing us in the Gateway to Terror grab us? 

No! Here at Dragon’s Dreamland every one of our professional actors has been trained to not touch any of our guests at any point during the show. 

*This does not include when guests or actors accidentally bump into each other. 

Do I have to enter alone or can I come with a group of friends through the Gateway to Terror? 

The more, the merrier! Please come through as a group! The max groups allowed are 6-8. 

Gateway to Terror – Dragon's DreamLand